Bourne Abbey Church



Youth at Bourne Abbey

At the Abbey, we believe that it is important in worship to try to engage all ages.  We are fortunate to be able to offer different styles of worship from rich ceremonial to very informal word-pictures and music.  


Look at this wonderful picture of the Easter Garden that our Youth group created this year:

Children's Responses: What is Good about Bourne Abbey Church?


During a workshop, children from Bourne Abbey Church were all ask the same question: what is good about Bourne Abbey Church? Their responses can be found below. These were unprompted and the results are entirely their own.

The community feel, everyone is friendly


You get to hear stories from the bible


Stained glass windows


Organ music


The piano


The choir


The big bell


The quiet in the morning


The big cross that Jesus died on to sacrifice himself for others


Father Chris

You get to pray, thanking God for supporting you and your family and friends and those you do not know


To be with your family, sharing the experience


I like the pet service


I like the food after the service (tea and biscuits)


Singing the songs I sing at school


When Father Chris does something funny


I like it because it is about God and Jesus


In God’s home you feel special and privileged


The atmosphere, historic and traditional

Easter garden narrow copy a