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The PCC is setting up a fund-raising scheme for the Church in Mahajanga. Donations will be by monthly standing order and limited to the duration of Bishop Hall’s tenure, estimated at two to three years.


To ensure that all those who wish to give can afford to do so on a regular basis, and because the PCC appreciates that many of you already generously support the work of this parish by regular donations, it has set an absolute maximum donation of £20 a month per contributor.


This income would enable Bishop Hall to undertake projects in line with his priorities, as set out in his message. The cost of a simple, 2-room house is £3,000, which could be raised in one year by 25 parishioners each pledging £10 a month.


A PCC bank account has been established solely for receipt of donations, so that they can be separately accounted for.


Information on the project’s progress is expected every 3 months or so, when we can see the result of our support.


I would like to join this support effort. What can I do?


Please set up a Standing Order mandate, either using the Standing Order form available from your own bank or, for those who use internet banking, electronically.


The details you require are:

Sort Code: 30-98-97

Account number: 81302268

Account Name: Bourne Parochial Church Council Diocese of

Mahajanga Support Fund


Your support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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