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Bourne Abbey and Parish Church


Sunday, October 10, 2021  

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity


Please pray for:

The parish and deanery:  for Father Chris, Revd Canon David Staples and our Ministry Team. Also for the Withams and Bythams group in their interregnum. We pray also for Bishop Hall  in his role in Madagascar, and we give thanks for his ministry here and in Madagascar. We pray too for our Bishops Christopher, David and Nicholas in their ministry in the Diocese.


Peace and goodwill within and between nations: especially for peace in the Yemen and Afghanistan and for the end to wars fought by proxy. We also pray for the continuing situations for those in refugee camps for the displaced, wherever they may be.


We remember those suffering hunger, disease and oppression: especially those people suffering from the continuing situations of shortage of food, water and medicines, particularly in Syria, Central Africa, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Haiti; those affected by Coronavirus, both in this country and throughout the World; and we pray for those in our own country who are homeless, hungry, vulnerable and in need of support.  


For those whose illness is acute, or are awaiting an operation: Alastair Woodman and Lorraine Walker.


For those whose illness or recovery is long term: Peter Woodland, Joyce Reeson, Kevin Moss, Vera Osborne, Robin Barker, Jonathan Darrell and Bill Normington.


The departed:

- for the souls of the recently departed: Joyce Brown, James Haggerty, Eric Howarth, Gordon Muspratt, Norman Pick, and Barry Woodhouse.


-also for those whose anniversaries fall in the next week: Donald Young (8th); Derek Glover (12th); Jaqueline Key (14th); Jean Watts, Roland Adnitt, Kenneth Neale (15th); Elizabeth Smith, and Joan Bentley (16th).


















Welcome to today’s service

This morning Sung Eucharist recommences at Bourne Abbey. The setting will be the St Mary’s Mass by Eric Wayman and we return to congregational singing.


Open for visitors and private prayer

The Abbey will be open during the week (9.30am to 5pm).


Your Church Magazine

Material for inclusion in the November magazine should be sent to Celia Howes, 16 St Pauls Gardens, Bourne  PE10 9JH  or by Friday 22 October please.


‘Prisons Week’ - October 10th-16th

For more information see the display in church and do speak to Susan Macey to find out more.


The Abbey at Home

The Christian Fellowship with Bible Study being run by the Revs Richard and Sylvia Rice-Oxley, will hold its second meeting on Friday 15th October, 10.00am to 11.30am.  The final session is on Friday 19th November.


The Birthday Club/Candle Names

Fundraising by means of the Birthday Club and candle names has tailed off over the last few years.  After careful consideration, the PCC has concluded that these means of raising funds for the Abbey have reached their natural end, and that they should therefore cease at the end of 2021.  The funds in the Birthday Club account will be transferred to the Fabric Fund; donations for candles are already paid into the General Fund.

The PCC is very grateful for your support of these ventures, and it encourages those who currently contribute towards either or both to support the wider work of the Abbey through a donation, regular or one-off, to the General Fund.  Regular payment forms for the main four banks and details of the Abbey bank account are available at the rear of the church.


Please note:

Fr Chris welcomes the names of those who are ill or awaiting an operation, so that prayers may be offered for them through the Sunday Service Sheet. We also continue to welcome the addition of the names of loved ones departed to be inscribed in the church’s Book of Remembrance. Apply to the Vicar on

Bourne 422412.


Julian Meeting

The Julian Meeting will meet next on Monday 1st November at 10am in Bourne Abbey Church for half-an-hour. The Julian Meeting is held on the first Monday of the month. All welcome.