Bourne Abbey Church

Dear Friends in Bourne,


Sarah and I very much appreciate and thank you for your regular prayer supporting us and our work with the Church in Mahajanga as we prepare for our second year there.


There are various objectives that I wish to achieve:


My first priority is to re-establish the Mission and Evangelisation Committee so that the diocese can have a clearer focus and plan of



Of the eight clergy in the diocese five are not provided with housing

and have to rent a room without electricity or water. None of their

parishes has an income that can fully pay their priest, let alone start a

building project. A purpose-built house would give them the security

of a permanent home, as well as relieve them of the burden of renting a room. Thus, I plan to build five small houses.


The diocese would like to build a modest student hostel near the

university to provide accommodation for poor students.


As there are no administrative costs (since the diocese has no administrative staff), any financial support for our work goes directly to the projects and is overseen by myself.


We are most grateful to you.


Together in His Service




A message from Bishop Hall

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