Bourne Abbey Church

Attending church is an important aspect of practicing your faith. Through church we are able to demonstrate and set an example to our children and other family members. Through the teachings we receive in church we allow or give ourselves the freedom to decide what we will get out of it and make our choices. Going to church puts life into perspective and provides an environment where we can clear our heads, taking time out from the trials and tribulations in life to think of and pray for others. The congregation and the church family in general provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which we can all enjoy our faith.

After the rigours of the working week, going into church brings peace and spirituality as well as recharging our batteries for the coming week. Many of us feel a need to attend church to receive Holy Communion in a public and positive demonstration of our faith. We enjoy fellowship with other Christians, being together and sharing the good times and the bad. We enjoy being stimulated by music, singing and the preaching of the word of God.  

Going to church provides very much a social need, companionship and friendship which can aids to comfort after sorrow, bereavement and illness. Church for many of us is an uplifting experience which helps us meet life’s challenges; to say ‘thank you’ to God for being with us in our daily lives.

There are many, many diverse reasons why members of Bourne Abbey go to church: from simple fellowship to exploration and strengthen of their faith, to live as Christians in the community and live by that faith as an example to others.


Exploring Faith


Why do Members of Bourne Abbey go to Church?