Bourne Abbey Church


Room Hire


We are happy to offer for hire our attractive, well used Church Hall.  We can offer lets for children’s parties; fund-raising events; baptism, wedding or funeral receptions; clubs and societies. We have winter and summer rates, depending upon whether heating is required.


Recognising the current financial climate, we try to help you out if you are starting up, or dipping your toes to test the waters.  So for new groups, we have a special concessionary rate for the first six months.  If your group becomes established, we then ask you to go onto the normal hourly rate.

The Abbey is the finest ‘venue’ in town for every sort of concert – short of a heavy-metal decibel-fest!  


From choral to brass (and everything in between) the Abbey is big enough for the larger event, yet surprisingly intimate should your event be aimed to attract a smaller attendance.  


Rates are competitive, based upon either a flat rate if you are sure of your numbers; or a percentage rate when you don’t:  the choice is yours.

The church hall has reopened for groups in September and will reopen for parties in January.

For booking enquiries please contact Mrs Celia Howes on 01778 702627 or email

Hire the church

Hire the church hall