Bourne Abbey Church

Ordination in both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England is the act of ordering – or setting aside – an individual to a particular ministry. The ministries are three fold: the diaconate, the priesthood and the episcope (being a bishop.)  Each order is different and distinctive. The Deacon’s role is to be an educator and a pastor; the priest’s role is to be pastoral and prophetic; and the role of a Bishop is to have pastoral oversight and to be the father in God of all the clergy in his diocese. We have Deacon’s and Priests in the Abbey Church.


The ministry of God’s people is not confined simply to this three-fold ministry. There is a very important role undertaken by the laity. At the Abbey Church we have a Ministry Team made up of both lay and ordained people. If you feel called to Ministry and would like to speak to a member of the Ministry team about it, call Fr Chris to arrange an appointment.



The Sacraments