Bourne Abbey Church


Opening the Abbey



There have been many changes to the rules on Covid but it is generally agreed that the future trajectory of infection still depends on our individual behaviour. We are urged to remain cautious, for our own benefit and our neighbours.


The Vicar and the PCC have thought long and hard about opening up the Abbey. In the end it has been decided that a gradual

approach is the most caring.


You will still be asked to observe social distancing and, as this is a gathering where we are spending some time together, you are also asked to be considerate and wear a face covering. However you will be glad to know that singing will return – and not just by the choir!


The monthly Choral Evensong is back. The Vicar hopes that there will be a return of the 8am Said Communion before too long.


The High Altar will be used from October 10 onwards.


The Abbey is now open every day between 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.