Bourne Abbey Church

Christian marriage is different from marriage in a registry office. The difference is that the marriage is blessed by a priest and involves prayers, hymns – an act of worship. We extend the possibility of marriage to all. To arrange a wedding, contact Fr Chris Atkinson – he will make an appointment to meet with you and to discuss what is involved in your marriage at the Abbey.

The recent change in the rules has made it easier for people who live away to be married at the Abbey Church. Anyone who either lives within the parish or who has an actual connection with the Abbey Church through attendance at some point in their lives, or through their parents or grandparent’s connection, may apply.




Q.  How do I qualify to be married at the Abbey?

A.  If you live within the Parish of Bourne and have not been previously married (unless your previous spouse has died) you are entitled by law to be married at the Abbey.

If you have been previously married and your previous spouse is still alive, Fr. Chris has the Bishop’s permission to offer the possibility of the sacrament of marriage to those who apply. To obtain further details of what to do, please contact Fr. Chris to arrange a convenient time to meet.

If you do not live within the Parish of Bourne, it may still be possible for you to be married at  the Abbey. To qualify, you need to be able to demonstrate an actual connection with the parish or the Abbey Church. This can include having previously lived in the parish, having previously worshipped here, or claiming connection through the involvement of your parents or grandparents with the Church by, for example, their marriage or baptism in the Abbey Church.


Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  This year, the basic cost of a marriage at the Abbey is £530.  This includes the Church’s fees, Minister’s fees, and the Organist's fee.  It does not include fees for heating, fees for the choir, fees for the bells, or fees to hire the flower pedestals.  These are additional to the basic fee.  Please contact Fr. Chris for these details.


Q.  How do I go about booking the Church?

A.  Please contact Fr. Chris to consult over the availability of dates and times, and arranging to meet to discuss what is involved in the preparation for your marriage at the Abbey.


Q.  How long in advance do I need to make contact?

A.  Most people make contact with the Church a year in advance of their wedding.  It is important to remember that you need to contact the Church check on availability before you book  your reception venue.


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