Bourne Abbey Church


Knit & Sew


This fellowship group meets every month (except August) on the third Wednesday a group of ladies meet at 2pm in the Church Hall. The next meeting is on Wednesday, October 20, 2-4pm.


Some people still wonder what we do! Well, we do a fair bit of talking which will be no surprise, but meantime our fingers are busy keeping the flow of knitting going. Evidence of this is there for all to see set out on a table and mainly worked on at home – beautiful little garments for children, blankets, hats, gloves, balaclava helmets – and all for charity. We do not sell our work locally or anywhere else.


Over the years, with the help of Mr David Grikis of the Baptist Church, innumerable sacks of warm clothing and knitted blankets have been sent via charity Baltic Aid to help the very poor especially in bitter winters in Latvia.


Some of our ladies knit exquisite tiny garments for premature babies, which go to a charity, Ray of Hope or to Peterborough Hospital.


At Easter each year dozens of endearing yellow chicks are made for children at Women’s Aid at Boston and also for our Church children. Friends of Nyansakia requested very simple knitted tops to keep little ones warm at night and these were made in abundance.

We do not have so many requests for our sewing skills but we have worked many of the kneelers seen in Church. Our skills have been called on to do tricky remedial work on kneelers purchased as kits and found to be too difficult to complete.


Recently we received a bag full of knitted rectangles of various sizes which turned out to be about 30 teddy bears all to be sewn up, stuffed and a pretty face embroidered! Most were made up by two ladies, what heroes, and a few by others including myself. Destination unknown as yet.


All meetings are suspended until further notice.


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