Bourne Abbey Church

It’s often best, if you haven’t been for a while, to visit the church outside of worship times. Take a look around and see what is on offer. Sit and stay a while in the beautiful space that is Bourne Abbey; make yourself familiar with the building or offer to accompany the person – go with them and show them around, introduce them... listen to them.

At Bourne Abbey we invite people to feel as though they can take their time to get a feel for how ‘things’ work within the church. People who come back to the church after an absence or indeed for the first time should always be given the space to unobtrusively slip in and out without feeling singled out. The role that the Churchwardens play is critical in spotting and guiding newcomers discretely.


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I Haven’t Been to Church in Years and am Feeling Guilty – How Can I Find Help?


Many people have had a bad experience of attending church in the past and really need a positive and warm welcome to encourage their return. We are a loving church family which is responsive to the needs of others and has a warm and open atmosphere which encourages new members to feel at home.