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Annual church meeting, March 1967

I write this article as the Abbey Church family prepares for its Annual Parochial Church Meeting and Easter Vestry (to elect churchwardens for the ensuing year), which will be held on Sunday, March 29.


Things have changes a lot in the intervening 53 years - in particular the cost of insurance and the cost of heating the Abbey. In the mid 1960s the church converted its coke fired Robin Hood boiler to run on oil, making the system more efficient (and saving the verger the job of lighting the boiler many hours before the service) - but it came at a cost - the heating bill was £200 higher than the previous year


The following report is from the Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, dated March 17, 1967.

Planned Giving At Bourne Ensures A Good Church Fund

Thanks to a planned giving scheme, similar to Christian stewardship, operated by many parishioners, Bourne Abbey church ended the year in a very sound finacial position, with £1,387 in hand to meet any expenses. This happy state of affairs was reported by the treasurer, Mr. I. M. Williams, at the annual church meeting on Monday.

Mr. Williams said that although the balance was almost the same as the previous year, the church expenses had risen sharply, as they were able to provide greater comfort. The new heating system had cost £200 more over the year, but was far more efficient, the electricity bill was £37 up and the insurance premium had been doubled to £90 as previously the cover was not adequate.


In view of the healthy balance, Mr. Williams said that he had invested £500 with the Central Board of Finance.


Other balances held by the church were: Development fund £1,281 17s. 3d.; Dyke mission account £17 17s. 9d.; restoration fund £139 1s. 4d; birthday fund 39 16s. 3d.; church hall fund £366 2s. 9d.; T. M. Baxter memorial trust £61 12s. 4d.


The Vicar (Canon H. P. Laurence) reported that although the church fabric was in quite good condition, considerable repairs had to be carried out during the year. It was gratifyimg that they would be able to get the work done without worrying wher the money was coming from, he said.


Canon Laurence said that the church did too much talking - it was doing that counted.


"From church reports you will note that there is a vigourous life in all departments and age groups. We are not an inward-looking community but try ti play a worthy part in the world of the church," he said.


The revision of the Sunday service times with the introduction of a family service at 10 a.m. had omproved morning congregations and the presence of children had given expression to thr family nature of Sunday worship.


Newspaper report with thanks to the Stamford Mercury Archive Trust

BAC exterior unknown copy

An undated photograph showing the Abbey Church tower, the churchyard and the end of Tudor Cottages