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As you can imagine, keeping our Foodbank up and running during this extremely difficult time is proving to be a challenge. While our food stocks, for most items are reasonably good at the moment, there is a concern that - in the coming weeks - we may struggle to keep our shelves topped up. In addition to this, many of our lovely volunteers are self isolating (as directed by the Prime Minister) due to their age or underlying health issues. We aim to have six  volunteers on duty every time the food bank opens - sometimes we could do with even more pairs of hands! At the moment, people are stepping in to do extra shifts - as some sessions would be down to just one person being there to help our clients. As this crisis  progresses, we may have to rethink how we are operate the Foodbank… but at the moment we are trying to run things as normally as we can. Clients who visit us will notice some changes too. Under guidance from The Trussell Trust, we are stepping up our hygiene practises, only offering drinks - no food for a while, volunteers are wearing gloves and we’re trying to keep our  distance from each other as well as from our clients. Another important precaution we are taking is asking clients, who display any Coronavirus symptoms, to remain in their cars and we will bring food out to them. Hopefully, with these precautions and some common sense, we can keep our Foodbank up and running throughout this difficult time.  


I have been asked about donations. While I know that the  supermarket shelves



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are looking pretty bleak at the moment and people are rushing out to try and buy food and other supplies for their own families - please keep us in mind. When the shops    manage to fill their shelves again (and I’m confident they will), we will no doubt be running extremely low on some key items. I will note them down below for anyone who feels able to help us out. In the meantime, I thank you all again for your continual interest in and support off this important facility Bourne offers.  

Bourne Foodbank is currently in need of the following items:

Tinned fruit, tinned potatoes, instant mashed potatoes, sandwich spreads - meat/fish paste etc, tinned pies, tinned custard, sponge puddings, long-life fruit juice/squash, washing-up liquid, deodorant, shampoo, shaving foam and razors, and Christmas goodies - chocolates, sweets, cakes, mince pies, puddings etc.

We are so grateful for all the donations - we can't thank you enough.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.  

Marcelle Cowley