Bourne Abbey Church

There are two sacraments that Jesus gave us in the Bible. The first is Holy Baptism and the second is the Holy Eucharist (the Mass, or the Holy Communion). The Holy Baptism is a once in the life-time sacrament but the Holy Eucharist is for frequent, and for some every day, reception.  It builds up and deepens our spiritual life in Christ through the receiving of his body and blood in the consecrated bread and wine.   The Eucharist spiritually nourishes us and helps us to grow in service.


The Sacraments





Q.  Do I need to be Confirmed to receive Holy Communion?

A.  The normal practise in the Church of England is for the communicant to have been Confirmed.  However, in some Anglican Churches, a dispensation has been given by the Bishop for people to be prepared to receive Holy Communion – on the understanding that they are Confirmed later.  The Prayer Book reminds us that those adults who are not Confirmed, yet wish to receive the sacrament, may do so as long as they indicate that they are willing to be Confirmed later.


Q.   I am not a member of the Church of England, but I receive Holy Communion in my own Church.  Is it alright to receive Holy Communion?

A.  Yes it is.