Bourne Abbey Church

Some members of the congregation come to church because of the wonderful musical tradition, which combined with the ritual helps people to meet with God. God’s word is brought to life in a thoughtful, relevant and inspiring way of preaching, giving us spiritual nourishment for the week ahead.


Father Chris, our Vicar, doesn’t make anybody feel judged and is welcoming to all who come through our doors. Children especially are encouraged and accepted, rather than just tolerated. This often makes attendance easier for their parents.

A clergyman to most people, at least the stereotype, is an old man who is out of date with modern living with no sense of humour. However, Father Chris is the complete opposite to this: he is friendly and approachable to all ages. It’s not just Father Chris’ long hair that makes him stand out of the crowd, but the way he makes everyone feel so welcome into the church.


Bourne Abbey is also a historical Grade 1 listed building in the centre of a rural community. The ambience, combined with beautiful stained glass, wondrous organ music and beautiful vestments all combine to offer wonderful experience to all who enter our doors.


Compared to most Anglican churches in the area, the ‘ceremonial’ aspects of our worship amplifies the parts of the service that we, as Christians in this place, focus our hearts and minds: the Gospel reading and ultimately the Eucharist, where God offers His love to us and we offer our thanksgiving in return to Him.


Exploring Faith


Bourne Abbey has been a place of worship for nearly a thousand years and because its monks were of the Augustinian Rule has served the community as a parish church as well as an Abbey from the outset. It serves as the focus of the town for all residents. It has a reputation for its quality of music. The beautiful building is enhanced by a celebration of traditional Anglican liturgy together with a great variety of services.

What Makes Bourne Abbey Distinctive?