Bourne Abbey Church

Confirmation takes place when a person feels ready to confirm for themselves the baptism promises that were made by their parents and Godparents – often when they were infants.

At Confirmation, the Bishop lays his hands upon the head of the person being confirmed.  In this, God’s special Grace to help and assist us in keeping our baptismal promises throughout the rest of our lives is confirmed.

Those who wish to be confirmed are prepared over a period of weeks before and after the confirmation service. To talk about confirmation, please contact Fr Chris Atkinson who will arrange to meet and discuss this with you.





Q.  How old do I need to be to get Confirmed?

A.  There is a minimum required of needing to be rising 10 years – and there is no maximum!


Q.  Will I receive preparation to receive Holy Communion before I am baptised?

A.  Yes, the preparation involves a rehearsal – at which you are taught what to do


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