Bourne Abbey Church

At times the burden of living through difficult stages in our lives becomes too great. We may find we lack the means in public worship to express our concerns to God. Often an informal chat with one of the clergy can help.  Sometimes formal confession is the best way of providing the personal assurance of God’s love and forgiveness.  A priest is always available to offer this sacrament.




Q.  I thought that confession was something that Roman Catholics do.

A.  The Church of England has always offered this Sacrament. The 1662 Prayer Book made it clear that when necessary, a priest was to offer it to those needing it.


Q.  I feel that making my confession would help, but I’ve never been to confession and I wouldn’t know what to do.

A.  A priest would help you to prepare, and explain what is involved.  A mutually convenient time would be arranged for you to make your confession privately in Church.


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