Bourne Abbey Church

We all encounter bereavement at some point during our lives. The Abbey Church is here on those occasions to offer help and support. This takes the form of bereavement visits, preparing and organising for a funeral and the burial of cremated remains in the garden of remembrance in the churchyard, if desired. We also offer post-bereavement support which includes a Book of Remembrance and the opportunity at our annual Commemoration of the Departed where your loved one is named and prayed for, and a candle is lit in their memory.

Attendance at worship is an important way in which the Abbey Church family upholds those who are bereaved, in friendship and pastoral caring. The weekly worship at the Abbey Church always involves prayers for the departed and the opportunity to experience the support and encouragement of the Christian family.




Q.  Who is entitled to have their funeral service at the Abbey Church?

A.  All who live within the Parish of Bourne are entitled by law to have their service at the Abbey.  In addition, those who have previously lived here or who have a connection with the Abbey may also have their funeral service here.


Q.  Who is entitled to have their ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance in the Abbey Churchyard?

A.  All who have had their Service taken at the Abbey Church may have their ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance.  Those whose loved ones have had their funeral service elsewhere, but who have a connection with the Abbey may also apply.


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