Bourne Abbey Church

Baptism is the entry point into the Christian faith. By being baptised you become a member of Christ’s body on earth, which is his church. The promises that you and the Godparents make are to encourage the spiritual growth and development of the person being baptised.


The Sacraments



At confirmation that person has the opportunity to confirm for themselves the promises you made on their behalf.


The Abbey Church encourages the Baptism of children and Baptism is open to people of all ages. We welcome an application for baptism from anyone within the parish, and any who have a connection with the Abbey church. Baptisms take place normally at 2.30 on a Sunday afternoon, except for the 2nd Sunday of the month. To arrange a baptism, contact Fr Chris Atkinson who will discuss a convenient time to meet, fill out the application form and prepare you for baptism.




Q.  Do parents and Godparents need to have been baptised?

A.  Yes; however we recognise that not all adults feel comfortable about being baptised publically!  Private adult baptism usually takes place a day or two beforehand.  It is anticipated that you will be prepared at the same time as the parents of the child to be baptised.


Q.  Is there a fee for baptism?

A.  There is no fee; however, there are collection plates at the back of the Church for those who wish to make a donation.   If you pay income tax, there are Gift Aid envelopes available for your donation.  These enable us to claim back 25p in every pound from the Government.

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