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Hi I am Jonathan Smith, the Webmaster for Bourne Abbey Church.


My aim is to give you the latest news and information by using a blog on our site.


I need our community to be the newsfeed and look forward to hearing from each of you. Please do keep me updated no matter how big or small the news or idea that you would like to share with our community.

By Jonathan Smith, Mar 29 2020 04:59PM

You can now download and read a copy of the April 2020 magazine.

Magazines can be found under the News heading - then just select April.

Please note: The current advice is that parish magazines should not be hand delivered.

To quote from the Church of England website: "Some studies suggest that Coronavirus COVID-19 can live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, and so any paper delivery represents a transmission risk. Local hand-deliveries also mean a volunteer will touch gates and postboxes and may come into close proximity with those who may be shielding. For these reasons, parishes are encouraged to look to digital communication, and telephone calls to keep in touch. The Government has designated postal workers and delivery professionals as key-workers, so any vital printed communication should be sent through the post."

By Jonathan Smith, Mar 28 2020 02:20PM

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