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The volunteers at Bourne Foodbank have been extremely busy since Christmas. The New Year saw us organising and date sorting the vast amounts of donations that had been given to us. We also carried out our annual stocktake and thorough cleaning of all our shelving and storage rooms. Stock taking involves weighing everything we have … from the many tins of baked beans, soup, fish, fruit and vegetables - to the packets of pasta, biscuits, tea and snacks - as well as the jars of sauces, coffee and  jam. Of course, I’ve only named a few of the items we stock. It

took a group of about six of us around four hours to carry out the task. At the end of it, we were pleased to see that our record keeping was good and that all our figures were as they should be. Our data will be forwarded to The Trussell Trust, who keep a record of what happens to the donations in all their foodbanks.


Since Christmas, we have had fewer clients coming to us (which is often the case). The run up to Christmas was extremely hectic, our volunteers were hard pushed to keep up with the needs of all our clients. Housekeeping tasks (sorting and date ordering) had to wait, as our client’s needs always come first. The quiet weeks have given us the chance to catch up with everything. We are now 'super organised’ and ready for the year ahead. Recently, a few new volunteers have joined us - they have proved to be quick learners and have bought a variety of new skills with them. All our volunteers have something different to offer. Some are


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extremely organised and quick at picking, packing and weighing food for our clients, others are wonderful at sitting and listening/talking with our clients, pointing them in the right direct access further help and guidance. Also, we are all brilliant at welcoming clients and making them refreshments. It’s great that we all have something to offer when supporting clients and , at times, each other.


Thank you for continuing to support us in the work we do for those in need in our community.


Marcelle Cowley