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Bourne Foodbank


Whilst Bourne may have lost a number of its banks, the Foodbank, continues to support those in our community who find themselves, temporarily, struggling to make ends meet.


Some of the positive words connected with ‘banking’ can also be applied to Bourne Foodbank. Words like invest, profit, growth, save, deposit, support and guidance are among a few. Those who donate to the food bank are helping to invest in a more promising future for others, supporting them at a time when they need it.


Donations continually help our supplies to grow; this means we can be generous when helping families and individuals. Our clients can profit, not only from the food they receive, but from the pointers they are given by our volunteers.


It may be signposting them towards debt management support, where to find guidance on C.V writing, or to another agency of which they may not be aware. Bourne and the wider community, through their continuing generosity, have helped to save our clients from some of the worries they face on a daily basis.

I’d like to think we could also ‘borrow’ a word from one the high street banks. Bourne Foodbank is a FRIENDLY bank!


Reg. Charity No: 1157089

Tel: 01778 423265

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I have been involved for nearly two years and have witnessed many a friendly welcome towards those who visit us. Walking into a foodbank, for the first time, can be daunting. Struggling to feed your family during difficult times - a constant worry. A friendly face, a listening ear, some helpful guidance, as well as a supply of food, can make a huge difference. As a volunteer myself, I have worked with some amazing local people who genuinely care about those who are in need of some short term help.


On behalf of all our clients and volunteers, I thank you for your continuing support. The deposits of food donated by you are always gratefully received.


Marcelle Cowley