Bourne Abbey Church

Spring - time to tidy the Abbey Churchyard



How wonderful it is to see all the signs of Spring; the daffodils on the bank of the Bourne Eau and the groups of snowdrops tucked beneath trees and walls. Of course it also means the birds are active in Church Walk – so take care if you park your car under the trees!


This year we really need to spend some time on the Churchyard, where ivy has taken over some of the tombstones and also the border on the side of the path. Again the birds don‘t help by dropping excess nesting material over this area. If the weather holds in March look out for some invitations to take part in a clear up – there might even be a bacon sandwich as an incentive.


It is difficult to believe that the study leave, which Father Chris was looking forward to, has nearly come to an end. I am sure we would all like to express our thanks to Father Peter for all that he has done during this time.


Lenten activities have been well advertised, both on the Pew Sheet and on posters. Instead of….or as well as….giving up something, this might be the year to ―do something instead. Supporting the smaller parishes in our Deanery is a good way of reaching out to our fellow Christians.


Participating in the Lenten Lunches strengthens the Churches in our town.


There is so much to look forward to!



Merryn & Dudley

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy