Bourne Abbey Church

Lighting the Holy Fire always keeps us on our toes!



Easter Day, 21st April is rapidly approaching. Easter, like Christmas, is celebrated every year, albeit on a different date, and despite their regularity, they always have a last minute rush of work to be done!



Details of all Bourne Abbey services are included in the April edition of the magazine (CLICK HERE). We do hope that you will be able to worship at some, if not all, of them. The Holy Saturday Service is a dramatic and moving service, and  fortunately, Fr. Chris  uses the short service.( the full service of all readings, psalms, prayers, and processions can last a minimum of two hours.) The lighting of the Holy Fire inside the church always keeps the churchwardens on their toes. Your wardens watch the sparks flying through the air – where will they land, will Fr. Chris get singed by the fire, will the fire extinguishers work, will anyone trip in the dark, did we carry out a full health and safety check?  



This year Easter Day also happens to be the Queen's real birthday – two  reasons for flying the church flag. The flag will continue to fly throughout Easter week.  



The restoration work has, for various reasons, ground to a halt. We hope that they will soon resume and phase 2 will soon be completed. We both hope that the demolition of the old choir vestry and the construction of the new priests vestry will neither be too dusty, nor too noisy. We do not wish to  upset our bats!




Merryn and Dudley

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy