Bourne Abbey Church

Hay for the Archdeacon's horse!



Holy Communion, as laid down in the Book of Common Prayer, is celebrated every Thursday at 10 o'clock in Bourne Abbey. When church was being prepared one Thursday in June, the Missal, or service book that the celebrant uses at the altar, was not in its normal place. A thorough search of the church failed to find it. We have a collection of bibles and prayer books that people no longer want and which have been left in church. A search of this collection revealed another Book of Common Prayer Missal that was suitable, but the celebrant had to remember to change one sentence - to “pray for Elizabeth, our queen,” and not as printed ,“Edward our king.” The missal looked old, and we thought the king was Edward VII - we were wrong. The missal was printed during the very short reign of King Edward VIII, and is quite rare. It is now in a secure place. Incidentally, the original missal was returned anonymously after a three week absence, and left in its usual place. It is now back in use.


The building work is progressing, new sewage pipes have been laid, and the walls and ceilings in the new building have been plastered. Work on the ramp in church stopped because the blacksmith has been unable to complete the new handrails due to ill health.


The Archdeacon of Boston has said that she will hold a Parish Visitation in October 2018. There are 32 different items on the visitation form which have to be checked by her, plus the opportunity to draw her attention to any other matter. The visitation could take a long time, which might be the reason why churchwardens had to provide an adequate supply of hay for the archdeacon's horse!


Merryn and Dudley

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy