Bourne Abbey Church

November is a busy month at the Abbey



Our meeting on 4th December will be at Pauline Pickett's home.

Jan 8th and Feb 5th will be in the Baptist Church Hall.1 of the building work is nearly complete, the boilers have been re-installed and there were a few hiccups with the heating programme. One hiccup, which everyone missed, was a radiator bleed valve that was not fully closed. This caused a large part of the carpet at the high altar to become soake, it actually squelched beneath your feet. The heating system isnow responding very well to Fr. Chris' loving care and attention! Despite the determined efforts of the cleaners the final dust cloud in church isstill settling on the pews, but the cleaners are winning, and they are determined that the church would be spick and span for the Bishop of Grantham at the confirmation service at the end of November.


The dates and times of all seven special services for Advent and Christmas to be held at Bourne Abbey this year, are included in the news section of this website. We hope you will be able to attend some, if not all, of them.


Wishing you a happy and Holy Christmas,


Merryn and Dudley

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy