Bourne Abbey Church

Restoration scheme due to restart in April



We are hoping that the second stage of the Restoration Scheme will commence during April. This stage entails work to the floors, walls, furniture and fittings in the new choir vestry, toilets and servery, also to enlarge the clergy vestry. This work was scheduled for April as the temperature should be high enough to enable the boilers to be turned off. This will then allow the modern slimline radiators to be installed in the new choir vestry and toilets. We understand that the additional radiators for the north aisle, which had to be the same traditional design as the radiators in the sie aisles in the church, and apparently are only made in China, have not only completed heir very long and very slow voyage from China, but also have been unloaded and delivered to our heating contractor in Yorkshire.


The spring inspection of thechurch roof revealed that the winter weather and storms resulted in two slipped slates that were easily put back securely, and a downpipe that had moved away from its hopper - aloowing some of the rainwater to run down the outside of the downpipe.


The grass seed that was sown in part of the extension to the Garden of Remembrance is thriving and when the temperature eventually gets back to normal another section will be seeded, watered and lovingly cared for.


We have been re-elected to the office of Churchwarden at the Easter Vestry Meeting, and we look forward to carrying out our duties. We hope that we will see the completition of the Restoration Scheme this year. Several years ago we attended a diocesan course entitled 'Faculties made easy'. Amongst all the sheetds of peaper that were handed ot, one remains clear in our minds. One sheet reminded us that there are 14 stages in obtaining faculty and ensuring that all building and legalrequirements are satisfactorily completed. each stage was described and illustrated with a small picture. We will soon complete the 13th stage. The 14th stage did not have any writing, only a drawing of the backs of two deckchairs underneath a palm tree on a sunny beach. Between the deckchairs was a small table with two tall glasses with ice and lemon. Those deckchairs andglasses are nearly within reach!


Merryn and Dudley

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy