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Bourne Abbey and Parish Church


Sunday, March 29, 2020 Passion Sunday

Please pray for:

The parish and deanery:  for Father Chris, Revd Canon David Staples and our Ministry Team. Also for the Withams and Bythams group in their interregnum. We pray also for Bishop Hall  in his new role in Madagascar, and we give thanks for his ministry here and in Madagascar. We pray too for those under suspension in our diocese, and in particular Bishop Christopher and his wife Susan.


Peace and goodwill within and between nations: especially for peace in the Yemen and for the end to wars fought by proxy. We also pray for the continuing situations for those in refugee camps for the displaced, wherever they may be.


We remember those suffering hunger, disease and oppression: especially those people suffering from the continuing situations of shortage of food, water and medicines, particularly in Syria, Central Africa, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia  and Kenya;  those affected by Coronavirus, both in this country and throughout the World; and for we pray for those in our own country who are homeless, hungry, Vulnerable and in need of support.  


For those whose illness is acute, or are awaiting operation: Joshua Peters and Nelly White.


For those whose illness or recovery is long term:

- Jean Livesey, Sadie Pick, Peggy Pateman, Joyce Reeson, Ron Macey, Gordon Muspratt, Arthur Lightfoot, Vera Osborne, Clare Denison and Kevin Moss.    


For those recently added to our prayer board:  

- Sarah, Fran, Duncan, Sian, Edyth, Kerry, Wayne, Marc, William and Stephen.


The departed:

-   for the souls of the recently departed:  Joan Coombes, Doris (Dot) Kelby, Michael Newman, Eileen Heather, Christine Blackbourn, Alan Rowland, Ellen Tringham and Betty Machin.


-   also for those whose anniversaries fall during this week: Susan Heather (29th); Molly Dawson, Mary Hercock (30th); Hilda Fisher (31st); Stuart Randall (April 2nd); Brian Dodd and Gwen Garner (3rd).


Services this week:

In light of the advice received from Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England regarding Coronavirus (Covid 19), Bourne Abbey Church is now closed, You are urged to “continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable”.

A downloadable order of service for Passion Sunday is available from the link on the Home Page.





Which was due to have been held in the Abbey Church Hall, today (Sunday, March 29), has been postponed until further notice.



Due to the current situation the monies and names which have beeen collected to purchase the Lilies for Easter will now be rolled over until All Souls Day in November when arrangements will be done in the Abbey should circumstances allow.


Prayers about the outbreak

Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your mercy

in this time of uncertainty and distress.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may rejoice in your comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord.



Lord Jesus Christ,

you taught us to love our neighbour,

and to care for those in need

as if we were caring for you.

In this time of anxiety, give us strength

to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,

and to assure the isolated

of our love, and your love,

for your name’s sake.



God of compassion,

be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.

In their loneliness, be their consolation;

in their anxiety, be their hope;

in their darkness, be their light;

through him who suffered alone on the cross,

but reigns with you in glory,

Jesus Christ our Lord.



For those who are ill

Merciful God,

we entrust to your tender care

those who are ill or in pain,

knowing that whenever danger threatens

your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.

Comfort and heal them,

and restore them to health and strength;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference