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Bourne Abbey and Parish Church


Sunday, 16th June 2019                            Trinity Sunday

Please pray for:

The parish and deanery:  for Father Chris, Revd Canon David Staples and our Ministry Team. Also for the Withams and Bythams group in their intertrgnum. We pray also for BVishop Hall and Sarah in their new roles in madagascar, and we give thanks for their ministries there. We pray too for Bishop Christopher at these difficult times in the Diocese.


Those being baptised here this afternoon: Arthur Dawson-Wright.


Peace and goodwill within and between nations: especially for peace between Israel and Palestine: For the people in Iraq and Afghanistan in their struggles against extremeism. We also pray for the continuing situations in Yemen and Myanmar;  and for those in refugee camps for the displaced from these areas.


We remember those suffering hunger, disease and oppression; especially those people suffering from the continuing situations of shortage of food, water and medicines, particularly in Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia  and Kenya;   for those in our own country who are homeless, hungry and in need of support.  For those in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi affected by the Cyclone Idai, and for those affected by the recent storms in Eastern India.


For those whose illness or recovery is long term:

- Jean Livesey,  Fr. John Francis,  Sadie Pick,   Peggy Pateman,  Joyce Reeson, Ron Macey,  Robert Fuller,  Gordon Muspratt,  Arthur Lightfoot,  Caroline Law,  Vera Osborne, Margaret Shaw,  Marjorie Simmons, and Stephen Raven.        


For those whose illness is acute, or are awaiting operation: Joshua Peters,Clare Denison, Barbara Barker and Revd Canon David Staples..


For those recently added to our prayer board:  

- Jamie,  Peter,   Shirley,   Andrew,  Jonathan,  Trevor,  Ann,  Hugo, Kay and Elizabeth & family,   Brook  and  Mavis,Sarah, Gilbert and Dawn.


The departed:

-   for the souls of the recently departed: John Harvey, Janet Sharp, and Christopher Berry,



-   also for those whose anniversaries fall during this week:  Howard Bostock (16th), Phjllis Sheffield (18th).

We welcome all to our services today, including those newly resident in the town and those visiting and on holiday. If you receive Communion in your own church, you are most welcome to receive the Sacrament here.      If you wish to receive a blessing instead,   please bring your service sheet with you when you come up to the altar.


Volunteers for Abbey Duties

I have just completed the compilation of the church duty rota for the 3rd quarter (July to September 2019) copies of which are available from the back of the church.

Since we last asked for volunteers, several have dropped off the list or have assumed other responsibilities.  This means that there is more repetition evident throughout the quarter list.

  Could I please ask if any of our congregation members would be prepared to offer their help to spread the load.    We are looking for sidesmen ( which includes giving out the books and/or greeting people on arrival ),  readers for the epistle,  and people to bring the offertory at the 8am and 10am services.    

   If you are willing to join the team,  please speak to Merryn Woodland  or to Derek Page, and they will explain what the duties entail.    The more people who volunteer, the easier the task becomes.                          Derek Page



Bourne Foodbank

The organisers of the local Foodbank  would like to thank all who so generously donate food through the church.   The demands on the foodbank have increased significantly in recent months and available reserves are decreasing rapidly.  Keep up the good work and if you can increase your contributions, it would be much appreciated.


Services this week:


Thursday      -    10am Said Eucharist (BCP) – Corpus Christi

Sunday          -     8am  Said Eucharist    

23 June          -    10am Sung Eucharist – 1st Sunday after Trinity


See external notice board for details of Morning and Evening Prayer and times of funeral services and other events (such as rehearsals and services) in the Abbey.                              


Forthcoming Events:


Today: Sunday 16 June:  6.30pm   Choral Evensong in the Abbey Church.    


Saturday 22 June: ALM Training Modules:  Bourne Vicarage   9.30am


Patronal Festival

Saturday 29 June -  2.30pm to 4.30pm  -  Afternoon Tea  Tickets available from Mrs Judy Smith on 01778 422219  - price £5.00 per person.

Sunday 30 June:  Patronal Festival of Ss. Peter and Paul (trf.) with the usual 8am and 10am Eucharist Services at the Abbey Church.