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Bourne Abbey and Parish Church


Sunday, October 25, 2020  

Dedication Festival

Please pray for:

The parish and deanery:  for Father Chris, Revd Canon David Staples and our Ministry Team. Also for the Withams and Bythams group in their interregnum. We pray also for Bishop Hall  in his role in Madagascar, and we give thanks for his ministry here and in Madagascar. We pray too for those under suspension in our diocese, and in particular Bishop Christopher and his wife Susan.


Peace and goodwill within and between nations: especially for peace in the Yemen and for the end to wars fought by proxy. We also pray for the continuing situations for those in refugee camps for the displaced, wherever they may be.


We remember those suffering hunger, disease and oppression: especially those people suffering from the continuing situations of shortage of food, water and medicines, particularly in Syria, Central Africa, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia  and Kenya;  those affected by the explosion in Beirut; those affected by Coronavirus, both in this country and throughout the World; and for we pray for those in our own country who are homeless, hungry, vulnerable and in need of support.  


For those whose illness is acute, or are awaiting operation:  Peter Woodland and Dudley Guppy.


For those whose illness or recovery is long term:

- Connie Glover, Peggy Pateman, Joyce Reeson, Kevin Moss, Vera Osborne, Gordon Muspratt, Arthur Lightfoot, Robin Barker, and Christopher Browne.


The departed:

-   for the souls of the recently departed: Joan Willatt, Ian Hewitt, and Ron Macey.


-   also for those whose anniversaries fall during this week: John Moore (25th); Andrew Manson (26th); Vernon Tomblin (29th); William Lister, Ronald Stubley (30th); Leslie Parker, Norman Holmes, Antony Moisey, Barbara Moisey, and Maurice Holden (31st).


Next service at Bourne Abbey Church:

Sunday, Novemer 1, 10am All Saint's Day - Said Eucharist (with music).


Private prayer

Bourne Abbey Church will be open for private prayer on Saturdays (10am-midday).

We welcome all to our service today. If you receive Communion in your own church, you are most welcome to receive the Sacrament here. The general rule is that face coverings should be worn while in church. Advice from the Church of England on receiving Holy Communion is: “Each communicant should extend their hands to receive Holy Communion, with face covering in place. They should then lower or unloop the face covering, consume the consecrated bread, and then replace the face covering before moving back to their place in the congregation.”

If you wish to receive a blessing instead, please bring your service sheet with you when you come up to the nave altar.


Church and Parish Magazine

The November Lockdown Edition e-magazine will be available from the church website ( later this week. Click on the Magazine section, then select November to download a copy.


Mahajanga Support Fund – Update

The PCC wishes to thank those members of the parish who are kindly donating to the Mahajanga Support Fund.

The first transfer of funds to the Mahajanga diocesan account has been made.  Bishop Hall thanks us and says that the money enables them to start work on a new vicarage in Port Berge where the priest and his wife have for years been sleeping in the tiny, rented, school office.

If you would like to join the supporters, please see the Madagascar noticeboard at the back of the Abbey for details and standing order forms.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Abbey and Parish Church of Ss. Peter and Paul will take place on Thursday 29th October  at 7.00pm in the Abbey Church.


All Souls' Service CANCELLED

This Service due to take place on Saturday 31st October has been cancelled.

The decision has been taken to cancel the All Souls’ Service of Commemoration of Loved Ones Departed.

The reason for this is the potential for an increase in travel restrictions being put in place which would impact upon people's ability to attend the service from places beyond south


Fr Chris is also concerned about the rising number of infections and hospitalisations.


Julian Group

The Julian Group will be holding its first meeting since March on Monday, 2nd November, at 10am in Bourne Abbey Church. This will be 30 minutes of silent prayer and contemplation. All welcome.


Rembrance Sunday - 8th November

The Service on Remembrance Sunday will be a Parish Eucharist at 10.00 a.m.