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Bourne Abbey and Parish Church


Sunday 23 April 2017                        

Second Sunday of Easter


Please pray for:

The parish and deanery:  for Father Chris and Fr. Peter Lister, and for the Ministry Team. For the North Beltisloe benefice and the Colsterworth Group both in their vacancies.


Peace and goodwill within and between nations:  especially for the people of Gaza, and for negotiations between Israel and Palestine; for Aleppo and its people and for Iraq in their struggle against the 'Islamic State' forces. We also pray for the continuing situations in the Ukraine and in Yemen; and for those in refugee camps for the displaced from those areas.              


We remember those suffering hunger, disease and oppression; especially those people suffering from shortage of food, water and medicines, particularly in SyriaNigeria, South Sudan, Yeman, Somalia and Kenya; for those in our own country who are homeless and in need of support.


For those whose illness or recovery is long term:

- Jean Livesey, Paul Mason, Patricia Fagan, Fr. John Francis, Rosemary Hopkins, Lorraine Etches, Sadie Pick, Peggy Selby, Peggy Pateman, Joyce Reeson, Noreen Evans and Georgie Pugh.


For those whose illness is acute, or are awaiting operation: - Margaret Shaw and Jean Gagne.


For those recently added to our prayer board:  

- Ellen, Karen, Charlie, Isaac, Sally, Lou and family and Shirley.


The departed:

-   for the recently departed: Janet Faux, Gwen Dandridge and Gill West.


-   also for those whose anniversaries fall during this week: Samuel Danby, Barbara Stancer (25th), Bridie Hurst (26th), Jack Leaton (27th) and Bernard Stubley (28th).

We welcome all to our services today, including those newly resident in our town and those visiting. If you are a visitor and receive Communion in your own church, you are most welcome to receive the Sacrament here. If you wish to receive a blessing instead, please bring your service sheet with you when you come up to the altar.


Services this week:


Today      -   8.00am    Said Eucharist (trad. CW)

                 -  10.00am   Sung Eucharist (CW)

                 -   6.30pm    Choral Evensong


Thursday  -  10.00am Said Eucharist (BCP) – St Mark the          


Saturday   -  8.00am  Adult Baptism  

                   -  3.00pm   Wedding


2nd Sunday of Easter Day      

23 April            -  8.00am    Said Eucharist (trad. CW)

                          - 10.00am   Sung Eucharist (CW)

                          - 6.30pm     Choral Evensong


See external notice board or this website for details of Morning and Evening Prayer and times of funeral services and other events in the Abbey.



Forthcoming Events:


Today - Sunday 23 April, 6.30pm Choral Evensong in Abbey Church.

Monday 1 May - 10am Julien Meeting in the Abbey Church.

Wednesday 3 May - 9.45am 'Bring the Buggy' in the Abbey Church. A story, a song and a prayer for toddlers and their carers. Theme - The Lost Coin.

Wednesday 3 may - 2.15pm Mothers' Union meeting in the Church hall with a presentation of 'Open the Book'. Thursday 4 May: MU Corporate Communion as part of usual 10am Service.