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Bishops' message

From the Bishops of the Diocese of Lincoln

Following the publication of the paper from the House of Bishops, Marriage and Same Sex Relationships after the Shared Conversations, the bishops have written to the clergy of the diocese. The content of the letter is as follows...


The Church of England has today published a paper about marriage and sexuality, ahead of the meeting of the General Synod next month.


The paper - Marriage and Same Sex Relationships after the Shared Conversations - has been prepared by the House of Bishops, and will be debated by the Synod as part of the continuing exploration of the issues around sexuality, and the church's response to the changes seen in society in recent years. We participated in the discussions which followed the Shared Conversations on human sexuality, and we are encouraged that the final paper is so thorough and detailed. We look forward to it being debated by the General Synod.


We recognise that the paper may cause a range of reactions. We want to assure our congregations and all the people of greater Lincolnshire that we are committed to serving everyone, irrespective of their sexuality, or of their personal opinions on the issue of sexuality: all are made in the image of God, and all are loved by God.


We want to be a church which values all equally, just as all people are equally valued by God. We want also to be a church which is respectful of different views, and which actively seeks to understand those views in the context of the wider perception and interpretation of people locally, nationally and internationally.


We would be grateful to hear any comments or opinions, and encourage everyone to pray earnestly for the church and for the General Synod as it meets next month.


You can read the House of Bishops paper in full here:


With our blessings




                                                         +Christopher Lincoln






                                                                +David Grimsby







                                                            +Nicholas Grantham

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