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Bishop of Lincoln's letter for May 2017

Dear Friends,


I always think of May as the month of becoming. This is true in nature around about us as we see trees coming into full leaf, fields becoming full of crops, lambs and calves no longer looking frail and new-born.


It is true for the many children in our church schools, as they move towards the end of the school year and the exams and assessments which both measure progress and shape futures.

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We can take all the small signs of becoming which are aroundus as symbols of a much larger picture about becoming - becoming the people that God would have us be.


We are told in the Bible that we are all made in the image of God. And that us the great challenge to all of us: to live up to that reality so that people can see the image of God in us and in the way we live our lives.


It is a lifelong journey but one that we can only take step by step, day by day: all the while allowing God's image to come to the fore.

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What does this mean? It sounds rather difficult, but, with God's help, it is not. To enable the image of God means (as Paul says) to show faith, hope and love towards other people. Whe we allow God so to work in our lives, we are becoming the best people we can be, and the person God made us to be.


+Bishop Christopher

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