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Bishop of Lincoln's letter for July 2016

One of the many privileges of being Bishop of Lincoln is the joy of travelling round the beautiful counties of the diocese, discovering so many interesting places and meeting more inspirational and humbling people than I could ever number. During the month of July, I will be travelling much further than usual, however: to Fiji, to represent the Church of England at an international consultation. I will be one delegate among many from around the world, all of whom will be representing their part of the Anglican Communion. My fellow delegates and I will gather from dioceses and provinces as diverse as Brazil, The Philippines, Central Africa, The Indian Ocean, Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, and Jerusalem and the Middle East, as well as from England.


We meet as delegates of USPG, a mission agency that believes that every person and every community should be able to live a full life. I will be travelling right around the world to attend the consultation, and meeting partners who face very different challenges from our own. Many of them face daily struggles with the effects of climate (or climate change), geography, war, poverty or famine. Yet I am struck by how similar USPG’s belief is to our own desire here in the diocese of Lincoln to see lives transformed through an encounter with the living God.


As members of the same human family across the world, all of us created and loved by God, we are united by so much more than the things that might divide us. I continue to pledge myself to do my part in the building up of God’s kingdom in our diocese, so that all the members of this part of the human family have the opportunity of a full life, and to become the people that God has created them to be.

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+ Bishop Christopher

May God bless all his people, wherever they may be, and may the message of his love for the world continue to inspire us in the work of transformation to which he has called us.

Bishop of Lincoln - Christopher Lowson