Bourne Abbey Church

A Message from the Vicar

Gradual loosening of the lock-down restrictions

A message from Fr Chris Atkinson

Dear Friends,


Today has been a reflection of the gradual loosening of the lock-down restrictions under which we have all been living for the past couple of months.


We look forward to the Abbey Church being open once again – probably initially only for private prayer, but it’s a start.  So, the main things I needed to do was to air the church and run the water.  The last time the water had been running was five weeks ago, so it was about time to do it again.   I also took the time (pardon the pun) to put the clock right.  And then I decided to go all out and to climb up to the roof of the tower.  This was not simply a rush of blood to the head on my part, but an attempt to find a way rescue the St. George’s Flag which is currently and inelegantly stranded like a very large napkin with a ring around it a few inches off the top of the flagpole.  If we are to avoid an expense visit by a steeplejack, we shall need to try to find a way to untangle the rope from around the weather vane – not something easily done, I fear!


So there are green shoots of optimism, and I’m sure like me, you’re looking forward to once again being with friends worshipping together at our Abbey Church.  I’m glad that during the lock-down, so many people have been making use of the Sunday Service




sheet that is being produced for use via the Church website; but it’s not quite the same as being there.


The government seems to be suggesting that we might be able to have the churches open once again in July, and I very much hope that this will prove to be the case.


Your Friend and Priest,

Fr. Chris.

Scout Blessing